Wednesday, November 1, 2017

'The criminal Balfour Declaration' - Dr. Reuven Berko

by Dr. Reuven Berko

The land never had a Palestinian government, a Palestinian coin or a Palestinian establishment prior to Israel's existence.

The Balfour Declaration, issued on Nov. 2, 1917, is usually referred to as the "criminal Balfour promise." Such language looks at this historical document through an operational prism, as a promise that is to be fulfilled – not just a declaration.

Almost 100 years have passed, but the Palestinians are still fighting to eradicate the Jews from the land. They are preparing massive demonstrations, with Israeli Arabs, demanding that that United Kingdom apologize and retract the "criminal promise" and to compensate the Palestinians "just like the Israelis get reparations from Germany." As every objective historian would tell you, the notion that there exists a "historical Palestine" is nothing but a myth.

The land never had a Palestinian government, a Palestinian coin or a Palestinian establishment prior to Israel's existence. The land never had a national Palestinian history with a flag and an anthem, borders, a capital or ancient artifacts that could connect them to the soil.

The Arabs that had been living here prior to the declaration were migrant workers, urban dwellers, farmers, tribesmen and invaders. They were part of Ottoman Syria. As subjects of the empire, like all other subjects, they lacked a national narrative or any special civilian status.

The declaration, issued on behalf of Prime Minister David Lloyd George's government and with the consent of the allies fighting alongside the U.K. against the Ottomans, made no mention of the Palestinians because at the time there were no Palestinians.

The founding of new Arab states was somewhat based on the declaration, resulting in Transjordan being stripped from the Jews' future national home to form what would ultimately become Jordan.

The Palestinians - an invented people - have not only tried to deny the rights of Jews to the land they were promised, they have also tried to trace their roots to the Canaanites; they claim Jesus was Palestinian; the Jewish Temple was built in Sinai, not in Jerusalem; the ancient Israelite kings were actually Muslims, and the Jews are just a melee of people that will forever endure God's wrath; they are actually of Khazar origin, they are not entitled to a homeland, but perhaps they can live as second-class citizens under Islam.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has stood fast in the face of the annoying Palestinian efforts to extract an apology. Instead, she has voiced pride in the declaration and said there were no grounds to walk it back.

The Balfour Declaration is not the basis for Israel. The state was founded based on the historical and religious rights of the people of Israel on this holy soil.

Because the promise of a Jewish national home is anchored in the three monotheistic religions, the Palestinians who are fighting the facts must also sue the biblical prophets, Jesus, and especially Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, who promised this land to the people of Israel and never mentioned the Palestinians.

Dr. Reuven Berko


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