Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Azmi Bishara: There never was a Palestinian Nation - Sally Zahav

by Sally Zahav

Hat Tip: Kati Cohen

We on the political Right have been saying this for years and have been ridiculed for it. The Left's pet "people", the so-called Palestinians, is indeed an invention, just as former MK Azmi Bishara said, apparently long ago, in this clip:

The "Palestinian People" was created not by colonialism, but in a different way. Individuals as well as political leaders have swallowed this fraud hook, line and sinker, for various reasons. And the fraud continues today, unabated.

In 2007, Bishara fled Israel and resigned from the Knesset after being questioned by police on suspicion of aiding and passing information to the enemy during wartime, contacts with a foreign agent, and receiving large sums of money transferred from abroad. Bishara has denied the accusations. [Wikipedia]

Sally Zahav


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