Monday, November 17, 2014

Democracy Alliance Invites Warren and Biden, Not Hillary Clinton - Daniel Greenfield

by Daniel Greenfield

Obama’s money boys who helped shape the current disastrous progressive takeover of the government are sending a message. It’s not quite a horse’s head in the bed, but they would like an alternative candidate who isn’t Hillary Clinton.
Vice President Joe Biden will join Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other leading progressives in addressing a closed-door gathering of elite liberal donors — a roster of speakers that notably doesn’t include Hillary Clinton.
Last year’s meeting was a lovefest for Warren, whose speech fired up the crowd. This year’s program, reviewed by POLITICO, includes sessions on numerous progressive causes — including fighting climate change, reducing the role of money in politics and more rigorously regulating Wall Street — on which Warren is seen as more liberal than Clinton.
There’s nothing like billionaires getting together to rig the election to “reduce the role of money in politics”. The Democracy Alliance is a gang of powerful and corrupt individuals abusing the system for their own power and profit.

But interestingly enough they are sending the message that they are not currently reading to get behind the Hillary express.

The issue isn’t ideology. Hillary Clinton is probably to the left of Elizabeth Warren in real life. Warren was still a liberal Republican while Hillary was trading air kisses with Alinsky. But the Clinton path to the presidency lay in miming fake centrism. And the Democracy Alliance is all about openly pushing a radical agenda.

That’s how we got Obama.
Clinton wasn’t invited to the conference, which has caused quiet grumbles from her supporters.
Many Clintonites left the Democracy Alliance in 2008 because of its perceived favoritism for President Barack Obama. And the group’s longtime executive director, Kelly Craighead, a Clinton loyalist, was replaced last year amid concerns that the group was too cozy with the Democratic Party. Gara LaMarche, the new director, is not as close to Clinton.
Warren will be introduced Thursday by the Massachusetts donor who served as the national finance chairman of her Senate race, Paul Egerman. He sits on the board of directors of the Democracy Alliance and is seen as her liaison to the tight-knit world of big liberal money and likely a key player if she changed her mind and entered the race.
Clearly the Democracy Alliance is panting for Warren. If it can’t have Warren, it seems willing to settle for Biden who is willing to say and be anything. But the more realistic endgame is to force Hillary Clinton to run to the left and protect their agenda.

This may cost them the White House, considering how tired Americans are of left-wing radicals running the government, but their larger agenda is to keep the Democratic Party tilted to the left. So they’re willing to lose an election to keep moving their party to the left.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


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