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Giving thanks to a brave congresswoman whose life is now in danger - Carol Brown

by Carol Brown

When the new Congress is sworn in next year, Michele Bachmann will no longer be serving. And it will be a major loss to America.

Bachmann has been a rare and nearly lone voice sounding the alarm about the threat of Islam and about government infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood.

And for speaking the sobering truth, she has been mocked, ridiculed, dismissed, and/or ignored. Not just by those on the left, but by those on the right, as well.

In honor of Congresswoman Bachmann, I’ve selected a few interviews and articles that highlight her courageous voice.

Here is an excerpt from a 2012 interview with Glenn Beck:
CONGRESSWOMAN BACHMANN:  … After the Fort Hood tragedy, a report was issued that said the real problem in our government is that we are not teaching FBI agents or our military to recognize radical Islam … in response to that … over 50 Muslim organizations wrote a letter requesting that the White House start a task force to stop that from happening.  Five days after the White House got this letter … they started the purge of the federal government.  Let me tell you, the federal government doesn’t do anything in five days.  But they started the purge of the FBI … This is serious.  This is also happening throughout our United States military, Department of Justice, and Homeland Security.  And the word “purge” isn’t my word.  That’s the word used by the 50 Muslim organizations.  They demanded that the president purge the training materials and the trainers.  And so already people have been fired who formerly were teaching what radical Islam is.  They’ve been fired or they’ve been reassigned.  And they ask that the library be purged.  Americans don’t purge libraries, but they demanded that the FBI’s library be purged.  All of this was happening and so we wrote a letter to the inspectors general asking the question:  Don’t you think you should look into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and what it is they’re seeking to do.
GLENN:  Okay.  So you write this, which is your job.
GLENN:  Your duty to protect and defend the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
CONGRESSWOMAN BACHMANN:  That’s right. (snip) They call for the demise of Israel and the demise of the United States.  They believe in civilization jihad, which is to come into the United States and subvert the United States from within…. (snip)
… the attack machine has been turned on myself and the other members of Congress who have been asking the questions, that somehow we’re the Muslim haters, we’re the witch‑hunters, we’re the new Joe McCarthyites because we’re asking these questions.  All the while two weeks ago the Obama administration breaks federal law to bring someone that we list on the State Department as a terrorist organization, a member of that terrorist organization, we bring him into the White House?  You don’t get any higher when it comes to intelligence secrets, you don’t get any higher than the National Security Council.  He sits down with the National Security Council in our White House and has the guts to demand that we release one of the worst, most violent terrorists that we have behind bars.  He wants us to let him out of prison, to let him go free, the guy who was the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the blind sheikh.
GLENN:  So let’s ‑‑
CONGRESSWOMAN BACHMANN:  And you don’t hear a peep about this.
GLENN:  No, of course not.  Let me ‑‑ let me take you here because one of the more controversial things is you say Anthony Weiner’s wife will is ‑‑ has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Now, this is important because she works for Hillary Clinton.
CONGRESSWOMAN BACHMANN:  She is the chief aide for the … Secretary of State … her late father … was a part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Her brother was a part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and her mother was a part of what’s called the Muslim Sisterhood … we have requirements to get a high level security clearance.  One thing that the government looks at are your associations, and in particular your family associations.  And this applies to everyone.  It would be the same that is true with me.  If my family members were associated with Hamas, a terrorist organization, that alone could be sufficient to disqualify me from getting a security clearance.  So all we did is ask, did the federal government look into her family associations before she got a high level security clearance.
As Andrew McCarthy wrote in July of 2012 when all of this was unfolding: “Michele Bachmann has every right to ask questions.”

I would take it a step further and say that Michele Bachmann and every single member of Congress not only has the right, but the responsibility to ask such questions. Shockingly, most have abandoned their primary oath of office. The left seems complicit with the enemy and the right seems clueless, save a few special representatives. Michele Bachmann has been a leading voice among this painfully small group.

Here is another example of her strong voice: A 2012 editorial published in the Star Tribune:
…while I am working tirelessly every day to promote progrowth policies so Minnesota's small businesses will once again invest and hire new workers, I cannot ignore the national-security threats facing our nation.
In a recent interview, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said "the West is asleep on the issue of Islamist extremism."
Sadly, he's right. The panic-stricken reaction to the letters that four of my congressional colleagues and I recently wrote to the Inspectors General of five government agencies, asking them to simply investigate the premise of our concerns, is an illustration of exactly how unwary many of our leaders are here in the United States.
Whatever the reasons for it, Washington's political and media establishment fears an honest discussion about the real threat to this country posed by radical Islam. They are reluctant to initiate an honest assessment as to whether the Obama administration has subordinated national security to political correctness.
Our letters asked a set of important questions -- based upon publicly available information -- about the Obama administration's policy concerning radical Islam.
Consider these examples.
• A two-year study by the FBI on the Fort Hood shooting concluded that intelligence officials knew that Maj. Nidal Hassan was communicating with terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki. These officials nevertheless refused to launch an investigation out of fear of being labeled insensitive or bigoted. Fourteen Americans, including an unborn child, were murdered because political correctness inhibited efforts that might have prevented their murder by a radical Islamist. We want to know why.
• Last month, the State Department granted a visa -- in violation of federal law -- to a member of an U.S.-designated Egyptian terrorist group. This terror group member, Hani Nour Eldin, was then welcomed into the White House to meet with National Security Council officials, where he proceeded to lobby for the release of the "Blind Sheikh," Omar Abdel Rahman, who is serving a life sentence for his involvement in terror plots, including the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. We want to know why.
• The U.S. State Department organized a Global Counterterrorism Forum and invited 29 countries to take part. But it excluded Israel, the country that is arguably under the greatest threat of terrorist attack. We want to know why.
While we remain dangerously asleep here at home about domestic threats from radical Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamist groups are abundantly clear about their desire to destroy America and her allies.
During the 2007-08 Holy Land Foundation trial -- the largest terror finance trial in U.S. history -- the federal government established in court that the Muslim Brotherhood's mission in the United States is "destroying Western civilization from within." The mastermind of the 9/11 attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, had significant documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Despite these alarming truths about the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration has embraced the group at nearly every turn, starting with President Obama's 2009 speech in Cairo. Against the wishes of the Mubarak government, President Obama invited banned Muslim Brotherhood leaders to attend his speech. (snip)
It is my duty as a member of Congress to ask why the Obama administration has repeatedly undermined America's national security and bows to political correctness on issues related to radical Islam. The safety and security of every person in my district, as well as all Americans, is of preeminent importance and concern to me.
The Washington establishment has two choices: It can either remain asleep about the threat of radical Islam, or it can do everything possible to rally the country to a defense and preservation of American values and our way of life. We owe that to the American people.
In early 2103, shortly after Bachmann began to speak out on these urgent concerns, she was overwhelmed with a slew of ethics violation accusations.

More recently, this past year, Bachmann has continued to sound the alarm when she introduced a bill in Congress to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Seems like an obvious thing to do. Bare minimum, really. And yet the bill had no chance of passing. Why? In part because our elected officials are so far behind the curve on the threat of Islam and all the forms the threat takes that we will be lucky to survive this centuries-old war. But also because we are so infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood that legislation to help ensure our survival is severely compromised. In other words, the very people and forces of evil we need to protect ourselves against already have such a foothold in this country that it will take what currently appears to be an insurmountable effort to defeat them.

Michele Bachmann has been on the front lines of this monumental battle.

At the Values Voters Summit this year, Bachmann spoke the words every elected official needs to be shouting from the roof tops, as reported by Bare Naked Islam:
Yes, Mr. President, it ‘is’ about Islam!” she said as the audience applauded wildly. At the 2014 Value Voters Summit, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claimed that there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam, and that President Barack Obama failed the American people by deciding not to declare war on it. 
It’s rare to hear an elected official speak with such frankness about something so urgent and threatening.

Bachmann has also been outspoken about Obama’s response to ISIS, as The Blaze reports:
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said if the United States is going to defeat the Islamic State, combat troops will be necessary. (snip)
“Why be afraid of that?” Bachmann added after speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. “What we need to recognize is that this is an evil enemy that has declared war on the United States and they declared they will take war to our shores within the homeland. What we need to do is defeat the enemy. Like George Bush said, we defeat them there so that we don’t have to fight them here.” (snip)
“This is a paramount effort where the president wants to find so-called vetted moderates,” Bachmann said, noting there aren’t any.
In fact, referencing British intelligence, she said “half of those we already trained are sympathetic and are part of Islamic jihad. They get three and a half weeks of training. How is that going to stand up to the Islamic State with senior-level Al Qaeda experience?”
She said she would prefer that America fight with a World War II strategy rather than a Vietnam-style strategy.
“They are veterans of decades of fighting,” Bachmann added. “People who have three and a half weeks of training aren’t going to be able to stand up to this, and that’s why I say this is a slow-walk, Vietnam, failed strategy. We need to engage in a strategy that is going to defeat Islamic jihad decisively. We are the best military in the world. We can do it. We’ve got to step up to the task and we’ve got to get it done.”
Mediate reported on what were perhaps Bachmann’s most blunt and targeted words on ISIS:
“You kill their leader. You kill their council. You kill their army until they wave the white flag of surrender.”
As I said, she is a lone voice in the wilderness. And for having the courage to speak the truth she is now facing death threats. She will have a security detail until she retires from Congress. At that point, she and her family will face difficult choices.

This is the barbaric age in which we now live.

I hope AT readers will join me in offering profound gratitude to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a stalwart and brave patriot. May she and her family be safe from harm and be forever blessed.

To contact Congressman Bachmann, go here.

Carol Brown


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