Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fox News Redeems itself with Megyn Kelly's Outstanding Coverage - Sally Zahav

by Sally Zahav

Yesterday I posted an article complaining about some of Fox News' early coverage of yesterday's (Nov 18) terror attack on people praying in a Jerusalem synagogue. Today I have much better news to report about Fox's coverage.

During Megyn Kelly's excellent nightly news and commentary report, the Kelly File, Ms. Kelly reported on the horrific attack and brought Ambassador Ron Dermer for an interview on the subject. Click to watch to segment.

Ms. Kelly began with a description of the events, accompanied by video of extremely disturbing scenes. She described how the two terrorists entered the synagogue during morning prayers, equipped with meat cleavers, axes, knives and guns, intent on "butchering" the people in the synagogue.

She told of how the terrorists yelled "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is greatest) as they began attacking those nearest to them. The terrorists were not seen by their victims at first, since the entrance to the synagogue, as is usually the case, was at the back of the room and the congregants were facing the holy ark, in the front.

Ms. Kelly's coverage included still pictures of a survivor, covered with blood, and religious objects that bore the spilled blood of those who, just a short time before, held these objects in prayer.

She also related that during the police action to stop the terror attack, other Arabs converged at the place to attack the police.  (Video of this is included in the link above).

She also did not shrink from mentioning, with disgust, the scenes of celebration that took place in the PA, as sweets were handed out and axes were waved triumphantly in praise of the murderous attack. To Ms. Kelly's credit, she expressed moral outrage at the sight of people reveling over the deaths of the innocents.

Ms Kelly's interview also included video of President Obama's response to the terror attack, as he expressed condemnation, to be sure, but at the same time, an obscene moral equivalence by stating, "too many Israelis have died and too many Palestinians have died". Mr. Obama also said that "the majority of Palestinians and Israelis overwhelmingly want peace."

Sure, Palestinians want peace. They want peace (for themselves) after they have thrown the Jews into the sea and taken over our state. Then there will be plenty of time for peace, but they would most likely turn their state into a hell, like many of the other Arab states in the Middle East. And the peace that they wish for the Jews is the peace of the grave, if we are to believe what they constantly broadcast in their media and if we are to take seriously the material that they teach their children, every day, every week, every year, which exhorts them to strive for shahada (martyrdom).

During the interview with Ambassador Dermer, he explained that while Abbas did issue a condemnation of the attack, in his next sentence Abbas' next sentence was to perpetuate the libel that the Jews are "invading the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount". Pure incitement to the Muslim psyche, but totally unfounded. Blood libel, 2014.

Ambassador Dermer went on to state that the incitement against Jews and Israelis must stop, since the incitement surely leads to the kind of attacks that we have experienced recently in Israel. Ms. Kelly noted that Mr. Obama did not mention anything about the ongoing incitement by the PA.

Amb. Dermer noted that Abbas is sitting in a government with a known terror group and he said that  Mr. Obama should call for Abbas to disassociate his group from Hamas. Amb. Dermer also called for the European countries not to continue the process of "handing them a state on a silver platter" by voting to recognize a (non-existent) Palestinian state, and that Western countries should not tolerate the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement or Abbas' association with the terror group Hamas. He says that Western countries should expect Abbas to break his pact with Hamas and stop the incitement before there is any talk about setting up a state.

This is responsible, ethical coverage. Kudos to Megyn Kelly and Fox News.  

Sally Zahav

Source: Middle East and Terrorism Blog

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