Friday, April 20, 2018

DHS: Dozens of gang members released from custody due to 'sanctuary' policies - Rick Moran

by Rick Moran

The report destroys the argument that "public safety" is the reason for sanctuary policies.

A report from the Department of Homeland Security says dozens of gang members – including members of the notorious MS-13 group – were released from custody, instead of being handed over to federal immigration authorities for deportation, due to "sanctuary" policies.
"Two-thirds of the releases occurred in California, which has had a strict sanctuary policy in effect since January 2014," the Center for Immigration Studies said in a post on the data, pointing to "obvious public safety problems."
Just to be clear: The number-one reason given by state authorities in California for adopting sanctuary policies is that it promotes public safety. Their rationale is that illegal aliens who are unafraid of the police will cooperate in law enforcement activities.

Can't you just see MS-13 members eagerly talking to police about gang activity?
From October 2016 to June 2017, DHS says, sanctuary jurisdictions refused to honor Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers on 142 suspected gang members – where ICE officials ask authorities to detain criminal illegal immigrants so ICE can take custody and deport them.
In the answers, the officials added that the numbers may be on the conservative side as jurisdictions that do not allow officials into jails make it more challenging to identify gang members.
"Because ICE often determines gang affiliation through interviews, ICE cannot speculate about the number of times it was denied access to an alien in the custody of state or local authorities who may have had such an affiliation," the answers read.
Fifteen of those released were suspected members of MS-13, a gang started in the 1980s by Central American immigrants and known for its gruesome crimes. The gang's presence across the country has been an escalating political issue.
"Violence is a central tenet of MS-13, as evidenced by its core motto – "mata, viola, controla," translated as, 'kill, rape, control,' the DOJ said in a 2016 release.
With two thirds of releases of gang members occurring in California, and California's sanctuary law being challenged by both the Justice Department and several local jurisdictions, it seems that the state has a poor case that its non-cooperation with federal authorities makes residents safer.

You can bet that California is not tracking the criminal activity of released gang members. Or if it is, we'll never hear about it. The fact is, public safety in the state takes a back seat to the political advantages of refusing to cooperate with federal immigration officials. And from the number of local governments joining a suit against Sacramento challenging the state's sanctuary policies, it may be that a tipping point has been reached, and pushback against the sanctuary movement will result in a change in policy.

Rick Moran


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