Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lawsuit filed against the FEC for ignoring money laundering by Clinton campaign - Rick Moran

by Rick Moran

An $84 million scheme to evade campaign finance laws.

A lawsuit by an anti-Clinton PAC has been filed against the Federal Election Commission for ignoring complaints about money laundering by the Hillary Clinton campaign during the 2016 election.

The scheme involved up to $84 million dollars in big donations that was funneled through state Democratic parties and eventually ended up in the coffers of the Clinton campaign. The lawsuit alleges that the FEC ignored complaints about the scheme from the Committee to Defend the President (CDP), a political action committee formally known as Stop Hillary PAC.

Fox News:
“The Clinton machine has escaped accountability for its illegal practices for far too long,” Ted Harvey, CDP chairman, said to Fox News. “After months of review, the FEC has refused to address the Clintons’ $84 million money laundering scheme that violated several campaign finance laws.”
On Monday, the CDP filed a lawsuit against the FEC with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. They claim that the commission failed to act, calling the inaction “arbitrary, capricious, contrary to law, and an abuse of discretion.”
A copy of the suit obtained by Fox News urges the court to exercise its statutory authority under the Federal Election Campaign Act and take action against what they say is an unprecedented scheme to circumvent federal campaign finance law.
“We urge the Court to step in and demand action from the FEC,” Harvey said. “The American people demand that our most corrupt political figures answer for their transgressions.”
In its original complaint, the CDP alleges that about $84 million was funneled illegally from the DNC through state party chapters and back into the war chest of the Clinton campaign.
“Based on publicly available FEC records, repeatedly throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, HVF would purportedly transfer funds to its constituent political committees, which included between 34 and 40 state parties,” reads a passage from a copy of the complaint. “On the very same day each of these transfers supposedly occurred, or occasionally the very next day, every single one of those state parties purportedly contributed all of those funds to the DNC.”
The scheme is simple, brilliant - and illegal. If that doesn't describe a Clintonian operation I don't know what does.

The FEC is supposed to be non-partisan, with the six member commission divided equally between Democrats and Republicans. But the bureacracy actually determines which complaints are worth investigating. Discovery in this lawsuit will be very interesting.

Clinton lawyers are not stupid, so they probably think they found a loophole to exploit in order to evade campaign finance laws. But as the lawsuit alleges, the legality of the scheme will not be decided by the judge, only whether the complaint filed by the CDP has validity to go forward.

Rick Moran


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