Thursday, May 5, 2016

A message to leftist pundits - Dr. Haim Shine

by Dr. Haim Shine

The incorrigible subversives are focusing their efforts on creating a rift within the Likud.

The Israeli Left, mired in the throes of its desperation and despondency, has turned its representatives in the media from pundits into agitators. As far as they're concerned, the truth is meaningless, integrity is passe and basic journalistic principles can be trampled across every news page and broadcast. Their primary objective: Topple the right-wing government that won the public's trust in democratic elections. According to the modus operandi of these "knights of democracy," there is value in democracy only if it serves them.

During the weeklong Passover holiday, I traveled in northern Israel, Jerusalem and the Hebron area. I met a great number of happy Israelis enjoying their time off. The Nature and Parks Authority reported an unprecedented number of visitors to the country's nature reserves. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis vacationed abroad, and Ben-Gurion International Airport looked like a giant conveyer belt working ceaselessly. The Israeli masses weren't buying the daily doses of depression being sold to them by the media.
For lack of options and as a last ditch effort, leftist pundits began creating crises and stirring discord. Any political topic instantly became a crisis, in the hope that it would eventually turn into one.

It is hard to imagine a unity government with the entire Zionist Union faction, a disjointed and dispersed camp with tycoon socialists, neo-communists and Palestinian supporters as members. Some are now trying to present the lack of such a virtual unity government as a disaster and a breakdown. 

By discussing the possibility of forming a unity government, some of the more clever political commentators are trying to foment disharmony between the Likud and Habayit Hayehudi -- implying that Habayit Hayehudi should be the one to pay the price of this unity. It is a baseless theory founded in a desire to cause tumult. The issue of the biennial national budget has also become a flashpoint for trying to force a wedge between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister and Kulanu leader Moshe Kahlon; a useless and artificial attempt to be sure, because Kahlon signed off on this budget when he agreed to enter the coalition.

The incorrigible subversives are focusing their efforts on creating a rift within the Likud. They report that there are those in the Likud who support the proposal to limit the prime minister's tenure. It is a patently undemocratic proposal that infringes on the fundamental right of Israeli citizens to elect the person they want to lead them.

My advice to all these pundits from the Left: Enter politics. Stop hiding behind masks of feigned innocence. The citizens of Israel have already learned your methods and are aware of your goals.

Dr. Haim Shine


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