Monday, May 2, 2016

Gazan freerunner seriously hurts himself, Israel treats him - Ari Yashar

by Ari Yashar

Gazan suffers major fall while showing off his parkour, Abbas orders to do 'whatever needed' - meaning Israeli aid.

A Gazan parkour practitioner seriously wounded himself last Friday while showing off his acrobatics - and in an ironic twist given Gaza's virulent hostility, he was sent to an Israeli hospital for treatment due to the extent of his self-inflicted injuries.

Trouble befell Muhammad Zakkut as he was taking part in a demonstration for a Ma'an news report in the southern Gazan town of Khan Yunis, according to a statement by the Palestinian Authority (PA) Ministry of Health on Saturday cited by the Palestinian news agency.

Evidently Zakkut tried a little too hard to impress with his parkour skills and ended up falling, apparently from a considerable height as he was left with wounds and fractures all over his body.

PA Health Minister Jawad Awwad said that due to the seriousness of Zakkut's wounds, he would be sent to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, which is ironic given that the Hamas regime ruling Gaza seeks the destruction of Israel and in its charter calls for the genocide of Jews.

Awwad clarified that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas personally gave orders to do "whatever was needed to treat Zakkut," apparently indicating the Israeli medical aid.

Parkour or freerunning is an acrobatic art of movement, in which practitioners run, jump and roll throughout their environment and utilize their surroundings in an expression of motion.

Against Israel - just not Israeli hospitals

Regarding the PA's willingness to take advantage of Israeli medical care even as it fiercely opposes Israel, the hypocritical stance has been put on display numerous times in the past.

Just this April it was revealed that despite Abbas's open incitement to terror, his brother Abu Luay who lives in Qatar chose to receive cancer treatment precisely in Israel at Assuta Medical Center in northern Tel Aviv.

This isn't the first time Abbas's family members have enjoyed Israeli treatment either. Abbas' wife was treated at the same hospital back in 2014, and his brother-in-law was also treated at Assuta just last October.

Back in February senior Fatah member Zakaria Alala was hospitalized at Petah Tikva's Beilinson Hospital, where he was treated for kidney failure and other health issues, and the hospital at the time was preparing for Abbas to come visit the senior Fatah leader.

What is more, Abbas is not the only hostile Palestinian Arab leader to have his family members or associates receive treatment in Israeli hospitals either - the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, has had numerous relatives treated in Israel even as he actively works to destroy the Jewish state.

Haniyeh's daughter was treated in Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital in October 2014, less than two months after Hamas's latest terror war on Israel, as was his mother-in-law that June and his granddaughter in November 2013.

After Haniyeh praised the murder of a three-month-old girl in Jerusalem by an Arab terrorist later in October 2014, then-Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman (Yisrael Beytenu) hinted Haniyeh's daughter would not be given medical treatment in Israel again.

However, just two weeks after that, it was confirmed that senior Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk's 60-year-old sister was allowed into Israel for cancer treatment.

Ari Yashar


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