Tuesday, February 18, 2014

American Cancer

by D.L. Hammack

An imperial presidency? "Actions that would normally be seen in a banana republic" as Dr. Charles Krauthammer put it in a recent Fox News segment? Call it what you will, but regardless of the moniker we give it, know this: The lawless behavior of our president and his administration is nothing less than a cancer buried deep in the belly of America; a cancer that metastasizes daily consuming the good cells that were once the foundation of this nation. 

The first contact with the disease came with the appearance of a benign organism interested only in uniting us. That's how cancer starts out; under the radar, soft spoken... nothing to see here. Now we find unquantifiable damage from an organism that turned on us the day after it was sworn into office. His brazen disregard for the laws only serve to reveal his true intentions: to infect this land and bring her down from within.

Some will disregard this comparison as outlandish and overstating the facts. I ask you merely to heed the words of a cancer survivor; as I am fully aware of the symptoms and the results of a disease that spreads uncontrollably and unregulated. Unchecked, it will kill you. Unchecked, the actions of this president will allow the spread of a disease that will consume every fiber of the country. Again, take this from one who has felt the devastation that cancer leaves in its path.

One definition of cancer describes it as "a fast-spreading bad phenomenon: usually something negative that develops or spreads quickly and usually destructively." Unchecked, cancer can and will devastate the body and grow exponentially without treatment or removal. What we are witnessing with the daily actions of the president's "pen" are nothing more than the spread of the disease. With each unchecked, unconstitutional action you are given a front row seat to watch it grow in its reach and destruction. Sure, some are voicing their concern over the pain in our gut, but won't go so far as to determine how to get rid of the disease.

It started out with DOMA, when the president stated that his justice department would no longer defend this law. Then came the DREAM act, and now we have 28 unconstitutional changes to the PPACA health care law. That is exactly how cancer starts out: Slowly at first and then when the disease realizes that its presence has gone unnoticed, it spreads out to the next cell (law) and the next and so on. Before you know it, the body no longer recognizes the difference between the bad cells and the good ones. This president has recognized that, for whatever reason, his unlawful acts are not being challenged. The media, years ago, used to be the "sunshine disinfectant" by keeping our leaders in check. They were the MRI that would expose the cancer to the public. Now they blindly dismiss the growth as nothing more than a figment of our imagination. We're all hypochondriacs now! This cancer now spreads and grows bolder each and every day.

Most of us who pay attention recognize that something is seriously wrong at this juncture in our history. There are far too many "scandals" and usurpations of power to simply dismiss as "something other presidents have done." Far too many have retreated in their outspoken criticism of this administration, for fear of reprisal from the arms of government. My wife has actually begged me to abstain from penning my words for fear of retaliation.

My lymphoma cancer spread to stage four because the lymphocytes in my body didn't recognize the cancer cells as enemies. At what point do we realize that there is a cancer in our society and if we don't address it immediately it will spread its tentacles throughout the land and destroy what was the greatest civilization in the history of the world? My cancer was forced into submission only through a stem cell transplant. This was a last resort to thwart the spread of a devastating disease that would have killed me. In my estimation, it would appear that America is in stage two of her cancer. There is still time to remove these bad cells, but it will take great fortitude, an iron will, and reckless disregard for the consequences of acting now.

As quickly as this disease spreads, the last two years of this president's term could be the difference between the survival of the country and its painful death. I chose to survive - perhaps because I was just too stubborn to die. Does America have that same will?

D.L. Hammack

Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/02/american_cancer.html

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