Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Netanyahu: Iran Engaged in 'Subversive Activities' in Latin America, World

by Herb Keinon

In meeting with Peruvian president, PM claims that nuclear talks have already allowed Iran to escape from sanctions.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Peruvian President on Monday in Jerusalem, where the two discussed relations between Israel and Peru and spoke of recent developments with regards to the Iranian nuclear program.
Speaking about Iran's global influence, especially in Latin America, Netanyahu accused Iran of inflammatory behavior, saying  that "Iran is engaged subversive activities around the world, including in Latin America."

The two leaders met on the eve of nuclear talks between world powers and Iran due to re-start Tuesday in Vienna, and Netanyahu told the Peruvian president that a different policy is required than what is currently in place.

"A policy that requires Iran to stop its aggression, to stop its nuclear military program, and to become a nation among the nations, not a rogue state that arms itself with nuclear weapons." he said.

The prime minister continued: "I think it is important for Israel, I think its important for Peru and I think its important for world peace."

Iran is believed to have bases in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Humala, in his comments, spoke warmly about increasing economic and global cooperation with Israel, but steered clear of Iranian issue.

Netanyahu rebuffed comments Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made Monday. 

Khamenei said he was not against nuclear talks with western powers but he didn't think they would lead anywhere. 

In response, Netanyahu jested that the nuclear talks had indeed already gone somewhere, allowing Iran to escape from sanctions. 

Netanyahu thanked the Peruvian president for supporting Israel's recent inclusion as an observer in the Pacific Alliance, a Latin American trade bloc comprised of  Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. Netanyahu said its beneficial for both Israel and Peru. 

Netanyahu recalled the meaningful relationship between the two allies. "We remember that Peru supported Israel's bid for statehood is 1947. This is a relationship with roots, and I believe it will have big branches in coming years."

Herb Keinon

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