Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Executive Sabotage

by Patricia McCarthy

The Left's attempts to spin the CBO report that reveals just how devastating ObamaCare has been (and is going to be) for the nation's economy would be worthy of a SNL skit, but for the entranced media willing to go to ridiculous lengths to protect their dear leader and his signature bill. Not having a job, living on the government dole is a good thing, they say. Freedom from work! Lovely. From where will the money come? No one knows. America is now $17+trillion in debt and we are racking up more by the minute. The rich, small business owners, and anyone who has a job are being taxed into oblivion. They will surely disappear.

And the Republicans just gave Obama free rein to rack up even more debt, which he surely will! They had no choice since Obama made it clear, again, that he would not negotiate. He seems to be ignorant of how American government is designed to function. That Phyrric victory was not enough for the Democrats in Congress; they want more.... minimum wage increase for all, even though only about 2% of the people with jobs make minimum wage, and amnesty for the 12 - 20 million illegal immigrants which will further devastate our fragile economy. Just another head fake to distract us from Obama's grand plan to bring American down to some perverse notion of equity among nations. 

In five years, President Obama has fundamentally transformed the country, just as he promised. He has nearly destroyed what was the counterbalance to all the evil in the world -- the power and virtue of the United States. He has rendered us ineffectual in negotiations and made us vulnerable to attack from rogue nations like Iran and North Korea. One only has to look around the world to see the catastrophic results of Obama's "doctrine:" speak loudly and often and carry a pen and a phone. 

In the Middle East nearly every country that geographical designation includes is in a state of chaos: Muslims killing Christians with impunity, Muslims killing each other in their despicable war against each other's sects/tribes. Families, women and children are being slaughtered throughout the region because the U.S. has stopped protecting the innocent. And our president seems to side with those doing the killing. His affection for the Muslim Brotherhood is well-known. But what he has done to America's middle class is his most egregious crime against our country. His economic policies have exacerbated unemployment, and created a vast, permanently dependent segment of our population.
We have been brought low and to a crossroads. How are we to survive an administration that is taking us closer and closer to a Fascist/Stalinist version of Marxism? Government by decree. The rule of law cast aside. Government/IRS harassment of opponents (Obama really likes this one). Sabotage of the coal industry which punishes those who rely on it the most. The wholesale, punitive ruination of our medical care. A legal preference for illegal immigrants over native born citizens. The weaponization of government agencies, the IRS, police, the EPA. 

This administration is assaulting the Constitution on a daily basis and is proud of their success in abrogating our founding document. The president has made it clear that he abhors its restrictions on his power. If we are to survive as a constitutional republic, we will have to rid our government of the rank and file Democrats who follow Obama in lockstep and defend his policies to the bitter end, no matter how injurious to the nation. We will have to rid Congress of the Republicans who are too eager to please their beltway colleagues rather than their constituents. The men and women of principle in government are few but must be supported: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Trey Gowdy, Louie Gohmert, Jason Chaffetz, Marcia Blackburn, Ileana Ross-Lehtinen, Tim Scott -- these are the good guys, the people with core principles who know, love, and revere our Constitution. I am certain there are more that do not come to mind at the moment but people like Mia Love and Tom Cotton must be elected around the country if we are to save the nation. 

The CBO report says it all. Obamacare was designed to sabotage this once great country and it is working. We have indeed been sabotaged. Unless good people rise up and vote, our children and grandchildren will never know the America those of us baby boomers had the privilege to experience and in which to thrive.

Patricia McCarthy


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