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The Orange New Deal - Tom Knepper

by Tom Knepper

Today, the term New Deal still retains some positive connotations. Donald Trump offers a good one.

Much attention has been garnered by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s juvenile Green New Deal and its fantasy of remaking our high-tech civilization into an agrarian paradise. It has been pointed out that if this draconian plan were enacted, trillions in wealth would be destroyed, and quite possibly, millions of lives lost. America would be jolted back to the 19th Century, a place where few folks other than perhaps the Amish are equipped to survive. To which AOC replies, well, she’s only starting a conversation here. And what does it matter, since we’re all going to die in 12 years anyway. It is difficult to tell how much of this the left actually believes, and how much is posturing and virtue signaling. 

The original New Deal was a term coined by President Franklin Roosevelt in the depths of the Great Depression. Though in reality it was just another socialist program that likely extended the Depression, it succeeded in its real purpose—propaganda. Many people were convinced falsely that the Depression was caused by evil Capitalists, and that FDR was valiantly saving the common people through this wonderful program of putting limitations on the free market.

Today the term New Deal still retains some positive connotations, which is no doubt why Occasional-Cortex or her handlers dug up the term to reuse. In their fevered imaginations, the earth is about to collapse under the weight of all this scorching heat, unless the left can save us with another government wealth-confiscation program.

But while the left has been hand-wringing about its Chicken Little fantasy, President Trump has been putting into effect his own Orange New Deal. Not to counteract some imaginary Climate Crisis, but to begin to put the brakes on a much greater catastrophe, the flood of Marxist ideas that have threatened to destroy everything about America that makes it the greatest country on earth. Eight years of fundamental transformation of America’s free enterprise system had brought business expansion and job creation to a practical halt. Eight years of underfunding America’s military and apologizing to despots around the globe have put America into a highly weakened position globally. Eight years of no moral compass in the White House have left many Americans not even knowing how to tell boys from girls, let alone friends from enemies. Trump has been busy reversing these trends, while his enemies keep occupied talking amongst themselves about how they are just so close to removing Trump from office. The end to Trump’s prosperity is just around the corner.

And as bad as it was to have a President for eight years who didn’t love America, it was just as bad to have an ‘opposition’ party with barely a pulse, unable to mount even a feeble effort to oppose any of these destructive ideas. Establishment Republicans such as Boehner and Ryan made it clear they despised true conservatives much more than they did leftist Democrats, and never made any more than a token effort to oppose Obama’s policies. In the pre-Trump years, they knew they could get away with it. Where else were conservatives going to go? 

Then came Donald Trump and the Orange New Deal. Old political alliances were smashed, and milquetoast Republicans swept away by the avalanche of voter discontent in 2016 that no one on either side realized was powerful enough to put a true outsider in the White House. If the Democrats had suspected, they surely would have found even more dead voters in swing states to vote for them. Trump came into office unexpectedly, owing no one, with a huge hammer in his hand. Beginning with his inaugural speech, he let it be known that old politics as usual was no longer going to cut it. And so it hasn’t. 

Of course he made missteps. Many of those he trusted early on were not trustworthy. The Deep State has tentacles everywhere, and is doing it’s best to degrade and ultimately destroy the Trump Administration. But nevertheless, the Orange New Deal marches on. Not since Reagan, have we had a President who gave more than lip service to making America a stronger, freer nation. Not since then have we had a leader on the world stage who proves daily that he means what he says, gaining the respect of our enemies and the admiration of friends. And Donald Trump has the guts to speak the truth about the Global Warming hoax, infuriating the radical left to no end.

Rather than outlaw the energy crucial to the survival of our industrial civilization, as AOC’s handlers propose to do, Trump’s Orange New Deal is unleashing American business to once again compete on a world stage. Rather than falling for the Marxist lie that only America must curtail its industries, Trump has leveled the playing field internationally, demanding that America be allowed to compete fairly.

Trump’s Orange New Deal is not another socialist program, like the original, or like the Green and Mean new version the Radical Left has conjured up. Instead it is a new deal for America’s forgotten classes in flyover country, for so long scorned by the elitists in both parties who felt they had something akin to a Divine Right to rule. Working men and women seethed for 8 long years as they watched America being dragged through the mud by pampered and ignorant elitists, and the values they care about being trashed and spit upon. 

The Orange New Deal is not new at all, of course, but a return to the tried and true values that made America great. It only seems new, because we have strayed from them so far, and for so long. We need to support our President and what he is trying to do, for it is our only avenue to escape the insanity and mass death planned for us by the embittered left.

Tom Knepper

Source: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/03/the_orange_new_deal.html

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