Friday, March 15, 2019

Residents of Efrat have had enough - Mordechai Sones

by Mordechai Sones

Judean city residents launch uncompromising grassroots campaign to halt land theft that threatens their homes.

Illegal Arab building choking Efrat's northern approach
Illegal Arab building choking Efrat's northern approach                                         Regavim
The people of Efrat in Judea have had enough. They're tired of watching the illegal Arab construction that is choking the northern neighborhoods of Efrat and threatening the safety of motorists on the roads that lead to their homes. They're tired of filing unanswered complaints with the authorities. They're tired of appealing to their municipality. They have decided to take legal action – and are launching a grassroots campaign to support their battle.

New, palatial homes are springing up only meters away from the northern neighborhoods of Efrat – on land under full Israeli jurisdiction, in "Area C" – that are choking the legal Jewish neighborhoods and threatening motorists on the Efrat Tzafon road.
Unchecked spread of illegal Arab building chokes Efrat's north                                  Regavim
Residents of Efrat have been through the bureaucratic labyrinth, lodging formal complaints and raising the issue with their municipality – to no avail. Now, they have begun to organize a citizens' movement to protect their community, the rest of Gush Etzion, and Israeli sovereignty over strategic territory south of Jerusalem.

"We all know how difficult it is to obtain a building permit in Efrat," says Regavim Director General and Efrat resident Meir Deutsch, "but the illegal building spree that is going on only 50 meters from the homes of the Dagan and Tamar neighborhoods hasn't elicited any response at all."

Proximity of illegal Arab building to Efrat homes                                                                     Regavim
Regavim charts land theft                                                                                               Regavim
A group of Efrat residents has decided they've waited long enough for their elected officials who are unable or unwilling to halt the illegal expansion of Bethlehem into Area C right outside their windows and are organizing a grassroots legal campaign.

Attorney Michael Shapiro has issued preliminary letters before filing a lawsuit aimed at forcing authorities to act against this PA-orchestrated land theft in Gush Etzion.

"Tomorrow (Friday 15 March, 8 Adar II) at 10am, a fact-finding tour will set out from the Dagan Synagogue. Residents of Efrat, of Gush Etzion, of Judea and Samaria – in fact, anyone who wants to see how the 'State of Palestine' is being built right now, today, right on our doorstep – is encouraged to join us," adds Deutsch.

The land theft continues as we speak                                                                                  Regavim

Mordechai Sones


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